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Orange and Marand presented their collaborative work at the DTW 2023 in Copenhagen

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Boštjan Keber

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Presenting at DTW 2023

In September, TM Forum hosted its prestigious annual event, Digital Transformation World 2023. One of the standout moments at the conference was the introduction of the first 20 5th generation Open APIs. Notably, among these APIs, the Product Configuration API (TMF-760) stood out as a collaborative endeavor involving Orange, Amdocs, and Marand Software.

The unveiling of the Product Configuration API took place within the "Becoming an API-Driven Organization" track, expertly guided by Ian Turkington. Representatives from Orange and Marand delved into the fundamental requirements and use cases that paved the way for this API. Prior to its development, other member companies recognized the need for such an API and documented it within the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) use cases. Orange, Amdocs, and Marand Software not only individually implemented their versions of the Product Configuration API but also went the extra mile to create a unified API specification, which they have now made available through TM Forum's Open API initiative.

The telecommunications industry has been experiencing a notable transition towards digital customer engagement channels, including mobile apps and self-care portals. While these channels offer a wide array of functionalities, maintaining consistency in product and pricing rules and policies across all customer touchpoints can be a formidable challenge. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must make rapid changes while keeping costs in check, all the while ensuring uniformity in product and pricing rules, regardless of the customer's chosen interaction platform. To tackle these issues, the Product Configurator ODA component has introduced the Product Configuration API, providing sales representatives and customers with a rapid and error-free product configuration capability across all channels.

For more detailed information, you can access the complete API specification on TM Forum's Open API site.