Artificial intelligence

Power is in the data. The past is known - the future is key.

In today's world, enormous amounts of data are being created every moment. Understanding this data can unlock the ability to predict future events, enabling us to act accordingly. AI allows us to quickly & easily process these large datasets in order to find indicators of future behavior & decisions.


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customer service

I want to know which customers might leave & which factors were key in their decision.

Head of
customer service

I want to retain as many customers as possible, as this shows that we offer good products & services, which satisfy our customers.

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I want to leverage our large product & service portfolio to offer tailored solutions, which fit our customer needs, as soon as they shift.

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I also want to utilize profile data to provide customized self-service pages automatically.

Artificial intelligence

Globally, 2.5 quintillion data points are generated every day. This trend affects companies & organizations with large amounts of generated & stored data. Conventional data processing methods quickly become time and cost consuming as data size & data velocity increase. Employing artificial intelligence facilitates time & cost-effective search for patterns and the detection of key indicators.

Appropriate AI models, allow us to address and solve these business challenges, thus achieving better outcomes. One of the newer & more interesting areas of artificial intelligence lies within its role in the improvement of user experience, as it allows a better understanding of customer habits and market activities.

It is vital for companies to establish and maintain quality relationships with their customers. Such relationships begin with offering the right services and are continued with the implementation of appropriate customer-tailored marketing actions.

To ensure excellent user experience, Marand has developed a portfolio of systems, which help our clients establish & maintain great relationship with their customers.

AI systems

Using Marand's three systems, we can establish a comprehensive E2E solution: from identifying customers likely to leave to establishing communication & providing appropriate offerings & incentives to them, thus retaining their business.

Churn detection

Analyzing which customers are inclined to leave has always been a challenging task. Using artificial intelligence, we can study a number of customer characteristics, through which we can predict the probability of churn & it's reasons for each individual customer before their departure. In addition to analyzing historic data we can also predict departures before they happen and can take appropriate & timely action, to prevent a customer’s departure.

Recommendation system

Today’s market demands company’s have a rich & diverse product portfolio. This however can lead to bloat & customer confusion. It is crucial to leverage the power of AI & the diversity of this portfolio to provide a selection of these, individually tailored to the customer’s needs. Marand’s recommendation system accomplishes just that: it enables companies to offer their customers products and services suited to their needs on any & all channels (omnichannel). By providing relevant and desired services & products in timely manner, we increase customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Conducting marketing activities

When we identify customers in the company who are inclined to leave, we have taken the first step towards retaining them. In the future, it is necessary to establish proper communication and take actions, which result in increased satisfaction & retention. To address this challenge, Marand has prepared a system, which assists in the execution of marketing activities in which customer sets, proposed products & services and approaches are suggested & prepared.

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